The U.K’s best selling flatpack 20ft accommodation unit has recently received a major makeover from top to bottom.

The improved security features, stronger wall panels, stainless steel hinges, and rounded roof corners ensure it is the best buy in the market.

Look a little closer and you will see that the entire structure has been improved not only aesthetically but the build quality and ease of use has improved all around.

Now in stock, this new store ensures that the XPandacom leads the market and stays ahead of the competition – and with no price increase.


The prefabricated XPandacom portable office is an insulated closed volume demountable accommodation unit, designed for use in very restricted areas above and below ground. Assembly is simple and is achieved by mounting the sandwich panels and components into the steel frame and chassis, requiring only manpower.


  • Flat packed and totally man-portable

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • High quality with robust but light construction

  • Demountable for easy re-relocation

  • Ideal for inaccessible areas

  • No cranes needed

  • Can be stacked or linked to make larger areas

  • A wide range of accessories available

  • Assembled height: 2590mm external – 2344mm internal

  • Width: With gutter 2391mm – width without gutter 2309mm

  • Length: With gutter 6204mm – Length without gutter 6126mm

  • Weight 1286kg


So if you need office space that’s of high quality, robust construction but light enough to be carried, will fit in even the most inaccessible areas and is quick and easy to assemble… XPandacom is the solution.


Installation Service

If you'd like your new XPanda unit professionally installed by us, we're always happy to help. Contact us via phone, Whatsapp or email and we'll give you a complete price including the product you'd like, at the best price possible.

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